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  1. Cover Your Tracks Online

  2. Child Online Safety

    Cyber-crime and children. Children learn through exploration and natural curiosity, and the internet can be a wonderful educational tool. But there are risks in the virtual world as well as the real world and our children need to be protected from everyday dangers – and that includes going online. In the age of smartphones and tablets adults can find it a real challenge to not only educate children in doing the right thing, but monitor and control their online behaviour. Cybercrime. Content
  3. basepass

  4. Cyber Security Challenge

  5. Dorset Fraud Alert

    Dorset Police is alerting local residents about the latest phone and online scams across Dorset. Content
  6. Abuse, Exploitation & Neglect

    Abuse, exploitation and neglect. Information, support and advice about child abuse and neglect, child sexual exploitation (CSE), rape and sexual assault, domestic abuse, stalking and harassment, honour based abuse, forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), hate crime, human trafficking and modern slavery. Overall advice about the issues which are included under the stands of PVP (protecting vulnerable people). Content
  7. Child Sexual Exploitation

    Learn about what Child Sexual Exploitation is, and how we are tackling it Content
  8. Ben's Story

  9. Raj's Story

  10. Beth's Story




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