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  1. Child Abuse

    Child abuse can relate to any situation where a child does not receive the proper standard of care expected from a reasonable parent or carer. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect. Content
  2. Protecting Vulnerable People

    Protecting Vulnerable People, PVP. Child and adult safeguarding. Content
  3. Dorset Victims' Bureau

    Information about the Dorset Victims' Bureau, who Dorset Police work with. Restorative Justice Content
  4. Witness Care Unit

    Information about the Witness Care Unit Content
  5. Report lost property

    Please use the national reportMyloss service to report lost property and get a reference number. Content
  6. Ben's Story

  7. Raj's Story

  8. Beth's Story

  9. Charlotte's Story

  10. CSE Advice for Hotels and B&Bs

    Evidence shows that hotels and B&Bs are often used as locations to meet, groom and abuse children. As a result, hotels and B&Bs are in a unique position to help. It's not just a good idea for people in this service industry to be able to spot the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), it is their responsibility. Hoteliers, hospitality industry. Content



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