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  1. Professionals

  2. Abnormal and indivisible loads - movement embargoes 2021-2022

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  3. Abnormal Load Veh Annual Dispensation Application Dorset 2021

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  4. Abnormal Loads Carnival Vehicle Information

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  5. Abnormal Loads

  6. County Lines

    County lines refers to the mobile phones or ‘deal lines’ used by urban gangs to supply drugs into more rural areas. Content
  7. Legal & Privacy

    All information provided to Dorset Police via our website will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior permission, unless we are required by law to do so. Content
  8. Record 1 2020 401

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  9. Record 1 2020 441

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  10. Record 1 2020 404

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