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  1. Report shoplifting from a shop

    Use the form on this page to report shoplifting from a shop. If shoplifting is in progress please ring 999. Please note some fields are required. Content
  2. Reporting Suspicious Behaviour Relating to Drugs as a Hotelier or Guest House

    A form for hoteliers and guest houses to report suspicious behaviour around drugs such as dealing and use Content
  3. Inappropriate 999 calls

    Examples of when people have rung 999 when they really should not. Content
  4. Assessment Centre

  5. Crimestoppers

  6. Changes to pre-charge bail

    Changes to pre-charge bail, also known as police bail, came into force across England and Wales on 3 April 2017. Content
  7. Candidate Security and the General Election

    As with every election the police’s role is to prevent and detect crime and enable the democratic process to take place unhindered. We take that role very seriously because intimidation of candidates and their supporters has serious implications for individuals and democracy. We want every candidate to know we are here to help keep you and your supporters safe as this election takes place. Content
  8. Safety in the Night-Time Economy

    Safety in the Night-Time Economy Content
  9. Bestival

    Festival & Event Crime Prevention Advice. Festival and event organisers work with Dorset Police to prevent crime. Help us and yourselves by following this simple advice. Content
  10. Major & Terrorist Incidents

    Help protect the public from serious threats to their safety including major and terrorist incidents Content



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