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  1. ICT Applications Area Lead

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  2. Missing people

    When someone goes missing it's worrying for families, friends and. of course, the individuals involved. Find information about some of the services Dorset Police offers in these situations. Content
  3. Help, Advice & Crime Prevention

    Help, Advice & Crime Prevention is about providing you Personal Safety Help & Advice, Crime Prevention Help & Advice And education on how we can help you. Section
  4. Witness Care Officer JDQ

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  5. Report vehicles with no valid MOT or Insurance

    Please check on the site before you complete this form. Content
  6. ASB and Nuisance Communications

    You will need to supply as much information as possible to enable us to help you. Content
  7. Bwvideo External Leaflet

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  8. Bwvideo External Leaflet

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  9. Reasons for using BWV

    Increasing the use of technology within the criminal justice for more efficient and effective justice for victims. Content
  10. When will BWV be used?

    Common law provides the police with the authority to use BWV in the lawful execution of their duties, for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime. Content



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