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  1. Safe Bus Volunteer (18+)

    To assist the Safe Bus Co-ordinator in implementing the scheme in providing an effective service and providing people with a safe place to go in the town centre when they are vulnerable, drunk or unable to get back to their accommodation. This applies whether they are intoxicated, injured, lost, in fear or a variety of other reasons. The key role of the volunteer will be to provide advice and assistance to clients. This project will help to meet the aims of the Crime, Drugs and Disorder strategy for Bournemouth. Please note that for this role applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Content
  2. Band 7 Job Description FINAL

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  3. DM20 247 Coronavirus Community Pack DIGITAL Example

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  4. Jd Vac 5391

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  5. DP1297 UPDATED JDQ Financial Confiscation Officer Jan 2020

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  6. JDQ Financial Confiscation Officer

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  7. Induction list for new joiners

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  8. Staff Handbook

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  9. Beryl Bikes

    Beryl Bikes theft or vandalism reporting form to Dorset Police Content
  10. (U) Coronavirus Map Azorult Alert

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