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  1. West Christchurch

    West Christchurch NPT is made up of a combination of the Portfield, Jumpers, St Catherine’s hill and Hurn wards, it is a large residential, commercial and rural area and home to approximately 13,160 people. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  2. Christchurch Town Centre

    The Christchurch Town NPT policing area covers the Christchurch Borough Town Centre Ward. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  3. Central Christchurch

    The Central Christchurch Neighbourhood Policing Team incorporates the two Christchurch Borough Council wards of Burton & Winkton and Purewell & Stanpit. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  4. The Grange

    The Grange NPT policing area covers the Christchurch Borough Ward of The Grange and is predominantly a residential area Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  5. Mudeford & Highcliffe

    Mudeford & Highcliff Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  6. Marine Policing Team

    Dorset Police Marine Policing Team has a responsibility for policing the Force's 89 miles of coastline stretching from Christchurch to Lyme Regis and out to the territorial limit of 12 miles. The Marine Policing Team consists of a dedicated Marine Policing team co-ordinator and a Marine engagement officer. The team also has single point of contact (SPOC's) and the coast. This includes the busy and popular Weymouth and Christchurch Harbours, the small fishing ports of West Bay, Lyme Regis and Swanage, and the world's second largest natural harbour at Poole, which itself has over 100 miles of coastline. Content
  7. Wimborne & Colehill

    Wimborne & Colehill is a village based NPT, based in the East Dorset Section Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  8. Chief Officers Business Interest Register 2019

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  9. Register of Business Interests

  10. Data Protection




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