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  1. Report shoplifting from a shop

    Use the form on this page to report shoplifting from a shop. If shoplifting is in progress please ring 999. Please note some fields are required. Content
  2. Ask NED - How can we help?

    Ask NED is a Non-Emergency Directory. Find answers to commonly asked questions here. Content
  3. Bobby Buddies

    Information about the Bobby Buddies initiative - encouraging knitters of Dorset to create teddy bears for children experiencing trauma. Content
  4. Business Engagement

    Advice and information on how to secure your business, including information about burglar alarms / security systems. Content
  5. Report lost property

    Please use the national reportMyloss service to report lost property and get a reference number. Content
  6. Child Sexual Exploitation

    Learn about what Child Sexual Exploitation is, and how we are tackling it Content
  7. Use of Drones

    During the summer of 2016, the use of drones or 'unmanned aerial systems' became a regular asset to investigators and the two forces formed the first dedicated drone unit in the Country. Content
  8. Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

    The accreditation of a limited number of powers by the Chief Constable to employees of non police organisations such as private security firms to assist in community safety. Content
  9. Dorset Fraud Alert

    Dorset Police is alerting local residents about the latest phone and online scams across Dorset. Content
  10. JD Project Support Co Ordinator ODU (002) (002) (003)

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