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  1. DP Notice of Public Rights 2018-2019.pdf

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  2. Dorset Police Statement of Accounts March 2019.pdf

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  3. Accounts Data

  4. JD - Procurement Officer.docx

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  5. Advert - Fixed Term.docx

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  6. EYFS and KS1 online safety education

    Education for KS1 needs to explore the appropriateness of content that children are viewing and sharing (some of them may have YouTube channels or being using other apps to share images and videos), who they are in contact with and the differences between an online ‘friend’ and a real friend. For the older end of KS1, children should have the opportunity to think about how to behave towards each other and what to do if they have negative experiences, especially the importance of getting an adult to help them. Content
  7. KS2 online safety education

  8. Force Legal Advisor.docx (1)

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  9. External Dorset Advert.docx (3)

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  10. Film Viewer Data Inputter Role Profile.doc (1)

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