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  6. Bridport

    Bridport, Beaminster, Lyme Regis and surrounding areas are covered by the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) stationed at Bridport Town. We recognise that all of our NPT team members need an understanding of the whole section to provide an effective response. The NPT officers are expected to work from anywhere within the section. Bridport is a small market town near the confluence of the rivers Brit and Asker. On the coast and within the town's boundary is West Bay, a small fishing harbour previously known as Bridport Harbour. Dorset Police has a clear focus for our Neighbourhood Policing Team resources based upon threat, risk, harm and vulnerability. The operational principles for neighbourhood policing have been developed after listening to the people we serve and having learned from the most distressing incidents elsewhere in the country. These Operational Principles are: Prioritisation of the needs of the victim - putting the "Victim First" Targeted and flexible deployment of officers based upon threat, risk, harm and vulnerability. Informed and focused community engagement and meetings. Your NPT officers will ensure that, as a top priority, they look after the people in your communities who are the victims of crime and anti-social behaviour. We are ensuring that they, the victims, are listened to, understood, kept informed, protected and safe alongside the wider community. Neighbourhood Policing - Sector
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