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  1. Police Staff Application Pack

    Links to the components of the Police Staff Application Pack Content
  2. Join The Police Family

  3. Staff Support and Welfare

    Information and links on staff support and welfare Content
  4. 2019 07 24 Prevent National Referral Form V 2 4

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  5. West Christchurch

    West Christchurch NPT is made up of a combination of the Portfield, Jumpers, St Catherine’s hill and Hurn wards, it is a large residential, commercial and rural area and home to approximately 13,160 people. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  6. Christchurch Town Centre

    The Christchurch Town NPT policing area covers the Christchurch Borough Town Centre Ward. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  7. The Grange

    The Grange NPT policing area covers the Christchurch Borough Ward of The Grange and is predominantly a residential area Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  8. Mudeford & Highcliffe

    Mudeford & Highcliff Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  9. EYFS and KS1 online safety education

    Education for KS1 needs to explore the appropriateness of content that children are viewing and sharing (some of them may have YouTube channels or being using other apps to share images and videos), who they are in contact with and the differences between an online ‘friend’ and a real friend. For the older end of KS1, children should have the opportunity to think about how to behave towards each other and what to do if they have negative experiences, especially the importance of getting an adult to help them. Content
  10. KS2 online safety education




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