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  1. Dorset Force Website Pages PCDA 30.07.2019 PDF (1)

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  2. Doset Force Website Pages DHEP 30.07.2019

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  3. Neighbourhood Engagement Contracts - Minimum Standards

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  4. Broadstone & Merley

    The Broadstone and Merley areas of Poole house a largely affluent population who are regularly involved in community led initiatives Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  5. Canford Heath

    Canford Heath is a largely residential suburb located within Poole and bordered by a large area of heathland. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  6. Creekmoor

    The Creekmoor and Waterloo areas are highly populated residential areas within Poole. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  7. Newtown & Branksome

    Newtown Branksome - We are your local Neighbourhood Team and work in conjunction with officers from Rossmore & Alderney Neighbourhood Team. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  8. Rossmore & Alderney

    The Rossmore and Alderney area is connected to the somewhat picturesque Canford Heathland area of Poole Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  9. ICT Technical Architect

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  10. How to apply

    Information on transferring to Dorset Police Content



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