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  1. Covid And Neurodiversity Guidance NEWS 7

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  2. NEWSLETTER 7 Tuesday 5Th May 2020 PDF

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  3. Police Mutual Tel Service NEWS 7

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  4. Resilience Tools Covid Tip #10 Schedule Your Days NEWS 7

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  5. Frank Dick OBE Coaching Programme NEWS 7

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  6. Video Conferencing

    More and more people are working from home or staying in touch with friends and relatives using online methods. There is no doubt that video conferencing is becoming more and more popular, whether for business or to connect with friends and family. Some devices have a video conferencing facility (that is, more than two callers sharing one call) built in, such as Appleā€™s FaceTime, and there are many other standalone video conferencing apps which you can download such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and others. Content
  7. Video messages

  8. Business Interests Register As At 11.05.2020

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  9. Register of Business Interests

  10. Health Protection Regulations Amendments England Changes 13.05.20

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