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  1. Bournemouth - South

    Central Bournemouth is bright, vibrant and multicultural, and includes large residential areas, a busy town centre and beaches that have won four Blue Flag awards. Neighbourhood Policing - Sector
  2. Halloween Safety

    Anti-social behaviour over the Halloween period has been declining since 2014 in the county and Dorset Police is asking the public to help keep these statistics down. Please be respectful to those who don't want to participate. If homes are displaying 'No trick or treating' signs, or residents ask you to move on, please do so politely. Content
  3. North Dorset Rural

    North Dorset Rural NPT comprises of 1 Sergeant and 2 Police Constables and 4 Police Community Support officers. Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  4. Shaftesbury Town

    Hello from your Shaftesbury Town Neighbourhood Policing team Neighbourhood Policing - Ward
  5. Anti-Bullying Week Competition 2019

    Dorset Police competition ahead of anti-bullying week. Content
  6. Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

    Human Trafficking is the illegal movement of people through force, fraud or deception with the intention of exploiting them, typically for the purposes of forced labour. Modern Slavery includes; human trafficking, forced labour and debt bondage, sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, domestic servitude, descent-based slavery, child labour, slavery in supply chains, and forced and early marriage. Content
  7. 2019 05

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  8. Application Forms

    All the forms required to get your Firearm Licence or Shotgun Certificate Content
  9. Firearms Licensing - Fees and Charges

    A list of all of the charges and costs for applications for a firearms licence Content
  10. Op Snap - website

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