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  1. Multiple Bail Enquiry Form

    use this form to request bail enquiry information from dorset police Content
  2. Facts about the Force

  3. Your Dorset Your Police Your View

    'Your Dorset . Your Police . Your View' was a way to make your views heard on policing in Dorset. Over six months, Dorset Police and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner have given local people an inside look at, and sought their views on, the variety of policing activities carried out across the county. Content
  4. Overview of the monthly themes

    Clicking on the months below will allow you to delve deeper into each monthly themes. Content
  5. August

    In August, we concentrated on the different kinds of policing roles and how technology is used by the Force. Did you know Dorset Police is currently rolling out our largest ever modernisation project to benefit the people of Dorset? Content
  6. Our Officers and Staff

    Our police family is much more than just police officers, there are hundreds of other roles which support policing and are just as vital in keeping our communities safe. And then there are all of the dedicated volunteers and special constables that support us too! Content
  7. PCSO's

    The primary role of PCSOs is to contribute to the policing of neighbourhoods by forming an integral part of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, along with regular officers. Content
  8. Police Officers

    Police officers are warranted and work in partnership with the communities they serve. Forming an integral part of the community, police officers contribute to everything from major sporting events to local classrooms! Content
  9. Modernising to improve policing

    Dorset Police are investing in new systems and technologies to ensure greater levels of efficiency in a time of reduced budgets and higher demands. This project is called the Smarter System Programme (SSP). Content
  10. Mobile policing is on its way!

    Smartphones and tablets are to become the latest technology to be introduced on the frontline of Dorset Police. The Force is in the process of rolling out a number of smartphone and tablet systems to officers, helping them perform a range of tasks quicker, more efficiently and more effectively. Find out what these new systems can do and how they can benefit our policing and your local community. Content



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