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  1. Application form - Clare's Law Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

    Clare's Law - Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme application form, DVDS Content
  2. Male Rape & Sexual Assault

  3. Victims and Witnesses

    The Dorset Police Witness Care Unit (WCU) offers support and updates to victims and witnesses throughout the life of a criminal court case. Dorset Victims’ Bureau consists of a dedicated team actively working to keep victims informed about the progress of their crime investigation in accordance with Victims Code of Practice. Content
  4. Other agencies who can help you

  5. Dorset Victims Bureau - Crime Update Request

  6. Dorset Victims Bureau - Feedback

  7. Victim's Right to Review

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about the Witness Care Unit, from Dorset Police Content
  9. Words & Meanings

  10. Sexting advice for parents

    Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit images, messages and photographs. These messages are usually sent using mobiles, tablets, smartphones or laptops - any device that allows you to share media and messages. Content



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