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Volunteer Chaplain

Location Bournemouth
Contract Police Support Volunteer
  Hours Negotiable


Volunteer Chaplain

Volunteer Chaplains, subject to the guidance of Lead Chaplains, support the police service by providing impartial, confidential, spiritual and pastoral support to officers and staff, regardless of their faith or belief. Volunteer Chaplains build relationships of acceptance, friendship, and trust with officers, staff and communities by listening to their needs and offering a source of support.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build effective relationships with police officers and staff of all faiths or none in order to foster acceptance and trust to be able to offer support to teams and individuals.
  • Develop an awareness national and local policing priorities and operational pressures in order to provide timely and appropriate pastoral support to police officers and staff.
  • Provide impartial and confidential (where appropriate) pastoral support, in line with equality and diversity legislation, force policies and procedures to police officers, staff and their families in order to support individuals’ wellbeing.
  • Be sensitive in providing appropriate corporate ritual and religious ceremonies in order to respond to organisational and individual needs especially at times of crisis and trauma.
  • Support a coordinated chaplaincy response to major and critical incidents, in order to give pastoral care to police officers and staff and where appropriate to assist community recovery.
  • Develop an awareness of resources from staff associations, staff support networks, internal departments and, external agencies to signpost as sources of assistance to individuals and teams.
  • Maintain their own professional development and compliance with legislation and codes of practice to ensure standards are met. 

Please see the role profile for further information.