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Volunteers Appreciation Event

Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteers Appreciation Event 2018

On Sunday 3rd June an award ceremony was held to celebrate the commitment given by police support volunteers and special constables to supporting policing in Dorset.

In 2017, special constables gave over 30,000 hours between 110 officers performing over 4,200 individual duties. Police Support Volunteers themselves gave over 9,000 hours in a variety of different roles performing over 2,500 duties. 

The event started with a fantastic display from the Alliance Dog Unit team and Bravo, the force mascot also showed up to welcome attendees and their family members.

During the Appreciation ceremony, a number of awards were given, as follows; 


The Confirmation of Appointment certificate was awarded to 6 special constables. 

In 2017, Special Constabulary recruitment re-opened after a temporary freeze. This award celebrated the first intake of special constables to join since the re-opening and to congratulate them on passing their phase one training; it was also a confirmation for them in the role of Special Constable. 

Long Service Pin Badges

Overall a total of forty-two pin badges were given for 3 years’ service, twelve for 6 years and nine 10 year pin badges were also given to police support volunteers. The '10 Year' long service pin badge for police support volunteers was introduced as part of this year's ceremony, to recognize the continued dedication & valued support of our volunteers who had been assisting the force for more than 10 years. We are very proud to have such fantastic and loyal volunteers as part of the policing family.


Hours Certificates were received by 43 police support volunteers and 62 special constables. This certificate is awarded to specials who achieve over 200 hours of service and to police support volunteers who achieve more than 80 hours of service in the last business year. 

The Unsung Hero award was received by police support volunteer Alan Hunt and eight specials. This new award was introduced to recognise volunteers who set a good example through their actions and demonstrated a particular commitment, impact or contribution to the community that are valuable but often goes unrewarded. 

The Social Media Champion award was received by Maria Morris, a police support volunteer for Purbeck and a special constable for his dancing and engagement on social media at Bestival last year!

Volunteers in Dorset are well known for their activity on social media, sharing advice, tips and positively engaging with members of the public. Therefore the Social Media Champion award is a newly introduced award category to recognise the contributions of these volunteers through the positive use of social media.

The South West Regional Awards category winners were also announced. These awards were judged by an internal judging panel consisting of Assistant Chief Constable Julie Fielding, Police & Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, Deputy Chief Officer Andy Turtle, Chief Superintendent Colin Searle, Superintendent Jacqui Hawley and Volunteer Co-ordinator Klara Suto-Cort. The winners are the Force’s regional volunteer nominees and will represent Dorset Police at the South West regional ceremony held in Wiltshire in October this year.

  • Police Support Volunteer of the Year – Bev Wright
  • Special Constable of the Year – SC Heidi Speed
  • Police Support Volunteer Team of the Year – The Safe Bus
  • Special Constabulary Team of the Year – East Dorset Rural Crime Team

Runner-up nominations for the South West Regional Award

Police Support Volunteer of the Year - Barry Barnes

Special Constable of the Year -  A/S/SGT John Lewis, S/Insp Stevie Tiernan

Police Support Volunteer Team of the Year – Ali's Angels, Public Contact Point Volunteers Dorchester, Victims Bureau and OPCC Community Engagement Volunteer Team