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Meet our volunteers

Dorset Police welcome volunteers from all communities to be part of its wider police family. We value the skills and experience that the public can bring in assisting us to forge closer links with our towns, villages and communities. We have many opportunities for Police Support Volunteers and are developing new ones all the time. Police Support Volunteers can gain new skills, meet new people and obtain an insight into the role of the police whilst making a positive contribution to their local community. Some of our volunteering initiatives also involve working with partner agencies and organisations to make communities safer and more resilient. Below is an insight into some of the 150 volunteers across Dorset Police.

Dorset Police Support Volunteers Experiences of Life as a volunteer

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Joan Gollop
Joan Gollop | Police Support Volunteer

Police Support Volunteer Joan Gollop

Five years ago retirement produced a move to a very quiet cul de sac, so I needed to get involved in something. I began taking more of an interest in local policing, I set up a Home Watch group and joined the Bridport Crime Prevention panel. Later I learned about police volunteers and applied.

My principal volunteer role is as a Contact Point Volunteer in Dorchester, where I generally do four hours a week.

We have a table in the foyer at Dorchester library, normally staffed by two volunteers, three mornings a week.

We are there to interact and try to help the public with whatever they ask us now the police station is closed. Frequently we’re redirecting to other agencies because it is a roads/potholes/abandoned car/noise issue or whatever. If we’ve got a leaflet we’ll give it to them, or we’ll offer them a contact to pursue the matter themselves.

I enjoy my time volunteering. It is a chance to continue learning - both researching topics and discovering other people’s lives and the things that worry and upset them. It is good to go home thinking you have done something or better still, shown someone how to do something that will help. It is also a brilliant opportunity to go people watching once a week!

"Every year, selfless individuals donate thousands of hours of their time to carry out work which is making a real difference in Dorset. Countless community schemes would not operate, views would not be collected and police operations would not be possible without the commitment of our volunteers. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the Dorset Police and OPCC volunteers for their ongoing dedication to the safety of their communities."

Martyn Underhill, Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset