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Casualty Bureau Volunteers

Location Dorset (Forcewide)
Contract Police Support Volunteer - Dorset Staff Only
  Hours Negotiable



As of 05/02/2020 the South West Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and Casualty Bureau (CB) functions are now part of a Regional Collaboration.  The Regional Casualty Bureau covers all 5 South West Forces for incidents within the Region, Nationally and every 9 months Internationally on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The primary role of a Casualty Bureau is to support a civil emergency including acts of terrorism, that may result in multiple or mass casualties.  CB personnel collate information from the public, hospitals and survivor reception centres.  This information is reconciled to establish a reliable list of the missing and the whereabouts of other affected persons – casualties, survivors, evacuees and deceased.

We are looking for volunteers to form part of the South West Region Casualty Bureau Cadre.  The initial training will be delivered at the South West Region Casualty Bureau, Devon and Cornwall Police HQ, Exeter or at Poole Police Station, Casualty Bureau.

The Roles currently being filled are: -

  1. Message Assessment Unit (MAU) Operators.
  2. Casualty Input Unit (CIU) Operators.

MAU Operator

Responsible for registering documentation, matching data, raising actions and making calls for identification purposes (Death notifications are NOT part of this role)

CIU Operator

Responsible for the inputting of Casualty, Survivor and Evacuee data and information from documentation teams

The criteria required from staff to apply for the roles are as follows: -

  • Can be released from their Force role to undertake Casualty Bureau duties.
  • If the incident circumstances dictate, be able to work from D&C Police H.Q, Exeter for short periods (accommodation and costs will be borne by home force and subsequently recovered from activating Force). Remote working will be used where possible.
  • Be able to attend D&C Police H.Q, Exeter for training and exercises, if required (accommodation and costs initially borne by home Force) – refresher training will take place annually
  • Computer literate.
  • Able to deal efficiently and sympathetically with members of the public during potentially harrowing interactions.
  • Have the ability to deal with potentially disturbing material.
  • For the ICC or MAU Supervisor role experience of supervising staff would be preferred.

To discuss anything in relation to the roles please contact either of the following:

SW Regional DVI & CB Coordinator - Clare Bodman

Clare.bodman@dorset.pnn.police.uk or call on 07919 628762.

Dorset HOLMES and Casualty Bureau Systems Administrator/Trainer – Niki John

Niki.john@dorset.pnn.police.uk or call 01202 223168 or via Teams

Applications are through an expression of interest of no more than 500 words (Ariel font size 12) evidencing the above criteria, along with an endorsement by the applicants’ line manager.

It is recommended that employees interested in these opportunities contact Niki John, HOLMES System Manager Specialist Investigations, in the first instance (see below for contact details).

Expressions of interest with line manager endorsement should be emailed to:


*Initial training dates for MAU Operator roles are available between July 2021 onwards. These are all 3 day courses. The CIU training dates are July 2021 onwards.

Please note: this opportunity is only available to Dorset Police Staff employees