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Meet some of our June 2016 Transferees

'I transferred from Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Detective Constable, having served there for twelve years - latterly for six years in their Child Protection Unit.

What prompted me to take the plunge and transfer to Dorset was a family holiday with my wife and young daughter (now six years of age) to the Weymouth coast in 2013. With the general stresses of daily policing, in particular Child Protection matters, I found sitting overlooking such a stunning coastline both breath-taking and relaxing in equal measure.  I thought to myself ‘why wait until I retire, when as a family we can enjoy simple pleasures like this on our days off?’

It is early days here, but I have found there’s nothing that can rival walking down to a coastal road with a hot flask of coffee and a picnic on my days off - just to take in the superb views of The Isle of Purbeck one way and The Isle of Wight the other. Likewise, if I feel the need to really clear my head, I’ll take the opportunity to run or cycle along the seafront - It’s invigorating and frees the mind. I’m certainly finding that since coming down to the coast, we’ve engaged in far more outdoors activities as a family. I guess Dorset is a just one of those great British counties that screams out at to be looked at and admired. 

This is not to say that what I did in my downtime was the only consideration. Having worked for a successful smaller force, I was well aware that job satisfaction relies on more than great vistas. There’s little point in being miserable at work just for a nice view once or twice a week – life’s too short for that. So having researched Dorset Police, I was delighted to discover that not only was it a force with similar values to my own, but one that faired favourably too against its contemporaries.  

My experience of Dorset Police to date has been a highly positive one. Coming from a friendly, well performing local force, I had natural reservations as to how I’d be received and welcomed here and whether Dorset Police would have that same friendly feel that Hertfordshire does. I needn’t have worried. To date everyone I’ve encountered has been incredibly helpful and can’t seem to do enough to assist you. I’d certainly recommend it.'    

Detective Constable Leigh Topol 


'I have transferred from the Metropolitan Police Service where I worked Neighbourhood Policing and CID. I have come to Dorset Response Team in Poole. I was attracted to Dorset for quality of life outside of work for my young family and to give Response a try as I was unable to do this in the Metropolitan Police.

'The particular positives I have noticed instantly would be how friendly and approachable everyone is in every station and every area. A very supportive police force that don’t just pass you a job and send you off to do it, but give me the support and advice to support my development. The common sense approach to policing too is a difference that I have noticed and the positive use of other disposal options rather than arresting everyone.'

Nick Hunter, Police Constable


'I transferred from Metropolitan Police - specifically within the borough of Hackney.

I have visited the county on many occasions and had no hesitation about moving here. This is with an aim to have a better work life balance, and to explore the beautiful countryside and coastlines Dorset has to offer.

The main difference is the sheer size difference between the two forces. I have been posted to a response team and the working dynamics are a clear difference.

Response teams within the Met do not carry a workload for instance, and when a response officer makes an arrest this is often handed on to another team to deal with. The down side to this is officers do not gain much experience when it comes to prisoner handling and on-going investigations.  In terms of overall skills as a PC, it is good to get experience with the secondary investigation, including interviewing.

I’ve had a good experience so far, the team I have joined have been great. Officers have been good explaining the new systems and the workings of the county.'

Police Constable Gary Wilson

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