Training Programme

As a Special Constable you will undertake the National Initial Learning programme. It utilises common learning objectives and takes Special Constables to the point of safe and lawful independent patrol. In doing so, it provides Special Constables with the appropriate knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and behaviours to perform operational duties.

The training programme consists of 4 phases.

is open learning (self-study). During this phase of the training you will be provided with an iPad in order to undertake your open learning. This will allow students to undertake the knowledge aspect of their training at home and will include webinars, tutorials, i-books and various other methods of learning at a time and place convenient to you.

is classroom based and comprises of 13 units covering all aspects of Police work including: Arrests, Personal Safety, First aid, Stop and Search and Diversity. These units will be held on the weekend, usually on Sundays (subject to public holidays) over a 10 week period and consist of practical applications of what you have learnt via the open learning phase. The final unit of phase two training will include attestation by a magistrate, after which a trainee Special Constable will become a warranted officer.

is the tutor phase where the Special Constable will be supervised by a regular police officer tutor on duty and will be given the opportunity to evidence their policing skills by the completion of a Police Action Checklist (PAC). This checklist covers a broad range of basic Policing tasks and is usually completed within the 16 weeks. It is a mandatory requirement that a Special Constable will work for 16 hours minimum per month during the tutor phase. Once the tutored phase is complete a Special Constable will be considered safe and lawful for accompanied patrol.

is the operational phase and during this period Special Constables are able to patrol with another Special Constable or Police Officer in order to achieve competency in a number of areas of Police work. These include managing conflict, arresting and reporting individuals and responding to incidents. You will also receive a further law training during this period. It is anticipated that most Specials Constables will complete the operational phase over a 6 month period. Once successfully completed the Special Constable is then capable of independent patrol.