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Alex Smith

Alex Smith – Self Employed / Special Constable since 2008


Why did you become a Special?

To make a difference in my local community and gain an insight in the police service as a career.


How does being a Special fit in with your day job?

Running my own online business can be lonely at times so it’s fantastic to get to work outside in different places with such a wide range of people.


What does a typical shift involve?

Responding to emergency incidents, conducting searches, making arrests to going out on cycle patrols gaining valuable intelligence from the community.


What’s been your most exciting experience as a Special so far?

Getting to assist with Royal Visits and giving up a week to assist with the large scale Olympics Operation at Weymouth in 2012.  I also enjoy assisting in specialist operations.


What skills have you gained as a Special which have helped in your ‘outside’ life?

People skills, communication, leadership and management.


Why this and not another volunteering role?

Because of the variety of jobs you attend and the excitement you feel when you resolve problems and crimes. 


What is the most rewarding thing about becoming a Special?

Wearing the uniform and being part of a bigger team.


What sort of incidents do you get called to?

Domestic abuse, assaults, anti-social behaviour and neighbour disputes.

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