How to apply?

The recruitment campaign to join the Special Constabulary has now closed whilst we process applications.

To register your interest ahead of the next campaign please email and we will be sure to contact you ahead of the next launch date.


If you unsure if the role of a special constable is for you click here.


Meet our specials

If you aren’t sure, why not contact the Volunteers Support Team on 01202 223132 or via email to discuss the role a Special Constable performs or contact your local police station to arrange contact from a serving special.

Positive Action

The Equality Act 2010 allows for the use of ‘positive action’ in a number of specific circumstances. Positive action can be taken to encourage people from particular groups to take advantage of opportunities for work or training. This can be done when under representation of particular groups has been identified in the previous year. This is clearly the case in the police service both nationally and locally. Dorset Police is committed to ensuring that it has a workforce that is representative of the community it serves. Positive action is not positive discrimination which generally means employing someone because of their particular group/protected characteristic in spite of whether they have the right skills or qualifications. Positive discrimination is unlawful.

If you are considering applying to be a Special and you are from a currently under represented group then please get in touch to find out more about positive action at

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