Employer Supported Policing Scheme

What is Employer Supported Policing?

It is a partnership benefitting employers, their staff and the police service by releasing Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers to volunteer in the communities they serve.

The Employer Supported Policing Scheme is designed to encourage organisations and businesses, both large and small, to engage with the police service to support their staff who are Special Constables or Police Support Volunteers.


Ways to support your staff

  • There are a number of ways to support your staff. Organisations are invited to use as many options combined as they feel suitable:
  • Active ongoing support of the concept of the ESP definition through promoting the recruitment of Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers.
  • Published organisational policy or guidelines supporting Special Constabulary or Police Support Volunteer duties and training.
  • Agreed un-paid time off for training or paid time off in times of significant emergency.
  • Actively encouraging staff to be Police Specials or Police Support Volunteers.
  • A minimum of 4 hours per month paid time off for Special
  • Constable or Support Volunteer duties.
  • 50% paid or un-paid time off allowed for Special Constabulary training.
  • Full paid or un-paid time off allowed/credited for Special Constabulary training.


What are the benefits of Employer Supported Policing?

To the Community

Increased direct engagement with local police.

Increased reassurance due to more visible policing on the street.

Increased public confidence.

Greater resources for tackling crime and disorder, resulting in lower levels of crime and higher sense of security.


To Staff/Specials/Volunteers

Professional development.

Enhancing skills and training, valuable for career progression.

Giving something back to the community.

Fulfilment and improved relationship with employer - more flexibility for supporting time for volunteer work.


To the Police

Improved recruitment and retention.

Wider pool of resources available.

Potential rise in public reassurance and confidence.

Positive marketing opportunity.

More integration with community and local businesses.


To Employers

Supporting local community.

Staff development at little or no cost.

Comprehensive staff training in conflict management, leadership, first aid and much more.

Improved staff morale and motivation.

Greater staff retention/Lower recruitment costs.