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Positive Action FAQ
CC James Vaughan

"Dorset Police is committed to promoting equality and diversity in the design and provision of all our services, policies, and employment practices. I am very proud of the officers supporting Dorset, and it is important to me that we reflect the diverse communities that we represent."

Chief Constable James Vaughan

Positive Action FAQ

So that we can continue to provide a high level of service, be prepared to adjust and adapt our approach we feel it is necessary to make sure that our workforce reflects the communities we serve in both Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police. We are proud to have a policy of positive action to help us achieve this.

Positive Action is a range of measures and initiatives that we can lawfully take to actively encourage people from communities that are under-represented to bring their talent, experiences and expertise to our organisation when applying to join us. When applying to join us, our selection processes are no different. Through the use of Positive Action, we do not seek to remove competition, rather, to allow everyone the same level of opportunity where final selection for a post is always made on the merit of the applicant.

No. The 2 are very different and are very often confused. Positive Discrimination means employing someone just because they come from an under-represented group giving an unfair advantage and is unlawful. Positive Action is a lawful activity to ensure there is fairness to all that apply where everyone has a ‘level playing field’ from the start.

UK legislation enabled Positive Action initiatives and activities to take place, where an under-represented group is identified around issues of Gender, Disability, Race, Age, Sexual Orientation and Religion or Belief. This is not a legal requirement but there are provisions that have been made available within the Equality Act 2010 for positive action to take place.

So that we can address the imbalance in both Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police we particularly encourage applications from the following identified under-represented groups and communities to join our family:

• Young People.
• Black and Minority Ethnic communities.
• People with Disabilities.
• Women.
• Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning communities.

If you are thinking of applying for a role within Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police, where Positive Action is something you think would be relevant to you, or if you would just like more information regarding Positive Action, then fill in the form and a member of our Positive Action Team will contact you to understand the sort of role you are looking to apply for and discuss what assistance we can provide. This could be a Police Officer role, Special Constable role, Police Staff role or a Volunteer role.

Our Positive Action Team will be in touch to establish with you what support you may require.
We endeavour to contact with you within 28 days of receiving your information.