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Join The Police Family

Joining The #PoliceFamily

What is the Police family?

Working within Dorset police is far more than just a career for both our uniformed and non-uniformed staff. Being a part of the police family means no two days look the same, no matter what part you play in it.

We aspire to be a healthy and professional workplace in which everyone can thrive to the best of their capabilities regardless of their individual rank and role. Whether you are on the front line, or behind the scenes you will be working as a pivotal member of the community, utilising your experiences, expertise and perspectives to help make a difference. All of the members of our police family have access to a wide range of support facilities in order to help them fulfil their responsibilities and to aid them in their personal and professional development.

If you want to make a positive contribution in the local community and engage with people from a broad range of backgrounds, then taking up one of our volunteer roles in your spare time is a great way of becoming a part of the police family. The work undertaken by our volunteers to help support our permanent staff is a crucial part of the Dorset Police Family. No matter whether the role is on the front-line or in the background, without them we wouldn't be able to strengthen communities, solve problems or improve the lives of others.


What roles do we have?

Dorset Police is one of the highest performing Police Services in the United Kingdom. As a member of Dorset Police, you will feel a strong sense of pride in working to protect the communities we serve. There are a broad range of roles carried out within Dorset Police, with opportunities as diverse as the communities we serve. These range from our front line Police Officers, as well as our Force Command Centre, Special Constabulary, Forensic Capability Network and our unique volunteer roles. On top of these, we also have our Police Staff opportunities, where we offer everything from administration, information technology, investigation, finance and other specialisms.

To find out more about our current opportunities, click the link below.