Positive Action

In order to provide a high level of service, we encourage applications from under-represented groups and we are proud to pursue a policy of 'positive action' in an attempt to achieve this. 'Positive action' refers to a range of measures and initiatives that employers can lawfully take to actively encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply. The selection procedure itself is no different, and must be based solely on merit. 'Positive action' does not seek to remove competition.

Who does it apply to?

'Positive action' initiatives can be used whenever an under-represented group is identified.  Legislation enables 'positive action' activity to be undertaken around issues of gender, disability, race, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.

This is not a legal requirement but provisions have been made under the Equality Act 2010 for such action.  

'Positive action' is often confused with positive discrimination. Positive discrimination, which generally means employing someone because they come from an under-represented group in spite of whether they have the relevant skills and qualifications, is unlawful.

In order to address the imbalance within the Force we would particularly like to encourage applications from the following under-represented groups to join our Police family:

  • Young people
  • BAME communities
  • People with Disabilities
  • Women
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual
  • Transgender

If this is something you would be interested in we invite you to provide us with your contact details via the below link in order for a member of our Positive Action Team to make contact with you to understand what sort of role you are looking to apply for whether it is Police Officer, Special Constable, Police Staff or Volunteer.  We will then make arrangements to discuss what assistance we can provide.

Contact Information Form


(Please note, this will take you through to the Devon & Cornwall Police Positive Action site. This is because Dorset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police are working together on promoting Positive Action)

What will happen next?

Our Positive Action Team will allocate your enquiry to a Positive Action Ambassador who will be able to assist you with your enquiry. Once they have made contact, you can establish together what support you may require. We will endeavour to make contact with you within 28 days of receiving your information however this timescale will be dependent on operational demand

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