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FAQs and Eligibility

Police Cadet Leaders FAQs & Eligibility

FAQs & Eligibility

You must be 18 years or older when submitting an application.

No. We welcome applicants from non-policing backgrounds. Our leaders come from a wide and diverse background and we welcome adults from all walks of life. We are looking for people who have a desire and a passion to inspire.

All leaders, whether from the policing family or outside are vetted to the appropriate national standards to work with young people. Your vetting will be undertaken by Dorset Police and will need to be completed prior to you volunteering as a cadet leader

Every application is different dependent on the amount of references and checks that need to be carried out but it should generally take around two months. The recruitment process can be delayed by not providing complete and accurate information on your application form.

Yes. As a Volunteer Cadet Leader you will receive mandatory safeguarding and first aid training. In addition all Volunteers are invited to attend the Dorset Police Induction course which gives an overview of the Force policies and procedures. We also offer a variety of training that is relevant to working with young people.

Yes. You will receive any travel expenses incurred and a subsistence allowance for any volunteering over four hours in one day.

No, however it will give you an insight into policing and help you decide whether a career in the police is right for you. Being a cadet leader will enable you to have a better understanding of British Policing, contribute to local policing priorities and be part of something exciting in your own community.