Forensic Capability Network (FCN)

FCN Team

The Forensic Capability Network is a new organisation providing coordination of police forensic services across England & Wales. The FCN is 'hosted' by Dorset Police.

Policing in the UK is seeking to modernise – making the most of technology and innovative approaches to respond to current challenges and future demand.

The Transforming Forensics (TF) Programme is designed to support forensic science capabilities across policing to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

At the heart of TF is a desire to work together nationally to deliver high quality, specialist forensic capabilities by networking existing services and capabilities to share knowledge and improve resilience, efficiency, quality and effectiveness. This approach – aiming to put the science back at its heart – is the Forensic Capability Network (FCN)

Working together to lead from the front and help build a bright and better forensics future.

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