Non-Emergency Call Handler

Recruitment is currently Open for both Shift and Non-Shift roles.

A non-emergency (101) call handler is the first point of contact for a caller to Dorset Police. What you say and how you say it will not only help in resolving the caller’s query, but will also influence how they feel about Dorset Police once the call has been completed.

Do you:

  • Enjoy each day bringing a new challenge?
  • Communicate effectively?
  • Have good listening skills?
  • Like working in a busy team?
  • Have the confidence to say no if required?
  • Want to go home each day having helped over 40 members of the public?

Then the role of non-emergency (101) call handler may be for you.

The focus of role is on making every contact count by ‘getting it right first time’ and ensuring that as many calls as possible are dealt with at the first point of contact and as efficiently as possible. This means we can provide the best possible service to members of the public who need to call Dorset Police.

A unique job for a unique person, it demands friendly patience, a broad mind and a positive attitude. You must be able to work as part of a close knit, supportive team and make decisions in situations which may be frustrating or distressing for the caller.

 The role of a non-emergency (101) call handler requires you to;

  • Type and capture information, quickly and accurately.
  • Communicate in a concise and accurate manner.
  • Provide a high quality customer service.
  • Listen effectively and extract specific information to determine the correct response.
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for quick decision making and effective problem solving.
  • Learn and retain information.
  • Work effectively and enthusiastically as part of a team. 

The basic commencing salary will be within Scale C £18,486 rising to £19,704 by annual increments.

In addition to basic salary, enhancements are payable for unsocial hours (12.5% if working shifts) and weekend working. Including shift allowance, the starting salary is £20,796 rising by annual increments to £22,167

Do you have the necessary skills and qualifications, can you stay calm and focussed under pressure, could you extract information from a distressed caller, are you confident enough to tell a caller when it is not a police matter. Yes? Then this role could be for you.

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