Becoming a Detective Constable

Becoming a Detective Constable

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Do you already have a degree? If so, you can join us through the Detective Constable Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP).

It doesn’t matter what subject your degree is in. The important thing is that by earning one you’ve already demonstrated the ability to research, evaluate and present evidence.

As a new Detective Constable you’ll follow a two year training plan, learning on the job from experienced colleagues. This will be supported by training from our in-house team. After 37 weeks you’ll reach independent patrol status and when you finish your training you’ll have earned a graduate diploma in Professional Policing Practice. The first year of the programme requires successful candidates to develop core knowledge and skills in a uniform role in the same way as any officer. After 12 months candidates move into the detective arena where they will develop enhanced investigative and safeguarding skills in more serious and complex investigations.

Participants on the programme are required to pass the National Investigators’ Exam (NIE) at the end of 12 months of the programme and achieve full Professionalising Investigation Programme Stage 2 (PIP2) accreditation by programme completion. Throughout the two-year programme, participants will have the opportunity to evidence what they and their colleagues have achieved on behalf of communities and victims at Impact Events.

Your starting salary will be £24,177 and £25,269 in year two. Within seven years of joining the salary will be £40,128.

Please see the following approximate recruitment timeline for the recruitment window which closed 17th January 2020.