Meet our PCSOs

Meet some of Dorset Police's current Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)

Find out why they wanted to become a PCSO with Dorset Police and what they enjoy most about the job. We'll be adding their stories to this page throughout the 2016/17 campaign.


Meet Dan, a PCSO with Creekmoor Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I began my career as a projectionist at a well-known cinema in Poole. I spent three-to-four years there and learnt many different trade skills during my employment. I decided that, although I enjoyed the job, the constant shift work encased in a dark, cramped projection booth with no one to talk to was enough for me; I was advised to take a look at the PCSO job role and I am glad that I did!

Upon becoming a PCSO with Dorset Police I found it enabled me to escape the booth and assist in making Dorset a safer and comfortable place for residents to reside.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

No day is ever the same and I find that I am always learning, whether that’s a new technique of communication, law and legislation or being taught how to play Minecraft by a group of insistent schoolchildren!

Being a PCSO has allowed me to make a difference within the communities that I serve and allowed me to support the most vulnerable people within our society; offering my help in bettering their lives where at all possible.

During my time spent as a PCSO working for Dorset Police I have encountered a varying spectrum of experiences, but focused engagement with the community is what drives me.

My most rewarding and enjoyable period was spent arranging a large scale, yearlong project for young people which allowed the participants to work within the community and earn rewards for doing so. My time spent meeting with these young people and working towards our shared goals was both a fruitful and cherished memory which I will never forget.

The PCSO role is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to have an insight into police work within the community and a very rewarding experience overall.


Meet Kate, a PCSO with Sturminster Newton Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I became a PCSO with Dorset Police in November of 2013 having been a special constable (volunteer) for over 8 years.

I had always enjoyed my volunteering but due to working full time in another job, I wasn’t always able to see jobs through to the end. As a special constable, I would attend 999 calls with colleagues and then you would walk away once the initial problem had been dealt with. There were very often issues surrounding these calls that needed to be dealt with “slow time” using partner agencies and specialist departments and I didn’t often get to see the results of this work.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

Now working full time as a PCSO, I get to see problems through to the end. I work closely with both response officers and my Neighbourhood Policing Team PC and Sergeant; we are able to spend time with the residents of our communities. We get to know people and understand why they act/behave the way they do. Every day is different and the training we are given is so diverse, in the past three months, I have become a Dementia Friend and spent three days learning about wildlife crime. Where else can you get such diversity!


Meet Chris, a PCSO with Parkstone, Penn Hill & Canford Cliffs Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I have always wanted to have a job where I am active and can help people in some way and being a PCSO fulfils that for me perfectly.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I enjoy the variety of the role and while it is a cliché to say that no two days are the same, this is very much the case. On any given day when conducting foot or cycle patrol, I can be gathering intelligence such as around possible drug use, visiting schools or scouts groups to talk to children about the police, reassuring and giving practical security advice to victims of crime or attending community events such as cycle crime prevention. You get out what you put into this role and I am always looking for new ideas and ways of working to solve problems in the community and that is what makes it so rewarding. I strongly believe that there is so much potential in being aPCSO to make the job your own and really make a positive difference to your local community.  


Meet Karl, a PCSO with West Christchurch Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I enjoy helping people, problem-solving and being outside either on foot or on a bike and this role enables me to do all three.

I initially wanted to do the role to give me an insight into the work of a Police Officer as I wanted to become one, which I did for a while before returning to the role of PCSO, and to work with them to deal with local issues.

The role can be demanding (foot patrol in the cold/wet is not the best!) but is very rewarding. Knowing that by saying hello to an elderly person who may not have seen anyone for days, doing talks at schools or community events, doing a follow up visit to somebody who has been the victim of crime to give them advice or reassurance helps to make people feel safer is great!

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

Knowing that I can make a difference by dealing with things such as Anti-Social Behaviour, neighbour issues etc, which are deemed as low level incidents but can have a massive impact on people’s daily lives.

Giving the reassurance to people that there is someone that they can talk to and someone that can try to resolve any issues they may be having is a nice feeling. Being able to listen to them while they vent their anger or frustration at you and giving them hope that the issue can be dealt with so they can then get on to enjoy their lives is very rewarding.


Meet Kat, a PCSO with Melcombe Regis Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I have wanted to be a part of the Police Service for as long as I can remember. This might have been influenced by my family who have a long history in Army and Police Service back in Czech Republic. I have had many different jobs in the past and I think having this experience gave me the life skills that are much needed for this position.

Being a foreign national is an advantage as Dorset is becoming more diverse and I feel that I can relate to other nationalities and use my previous experience. Being able to use my language skills to communicate with communities from diverse backgrounds is vital to put them at ease, especially when they are not being able to or find it difficult to communicate in English.

It has not always been an easy journey but I am very proud to be a part of Dorset Police and most importantly being able to help, assist and protect the public. I appreciate this position because I am able to make a difference in people’s lives.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I enjoy the constant learning curve that you get with this position, every day is different and you acquire a new skill almost daily.

I like the variety of the job, you can find yourself assisting police officers resolving a crime and on the other hand you can spend considerable time speaking to an elderly lady who appreciates your time. This gives me a great job satisfaction, being able to help someone, even if it’s a simple chat.

I enjoy being able to assist the most vulnerable members of our community, especially the individuals affected by mental illness or disability as this is considered to be a growing population. I am able to use my previous working experience and education to be able to get to know them and assist them appropriately.

As a PCSO I have more time to get to know my community better and make them feel safer. I can use my own ideas and initiative to make a positive difference. At the end of the day, part of it is up to you what are you willing to make out of it. The more you put in the more you get out.


Meet Ash, a PCSO with Poole Town and Oakdale Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

The role of PCSO had always been attractive to me. In previous jobs I worked close alongside the two local PCSOs. I liked the way they worked and what they had to say about the job and their positive attitude to help the community and try and make a difference. I knew then I wanted to become a PCSO and use my knowledge and skills to help the members of the community and make the town I live in a better and safer place for people to visit.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I love my role as a PCSO in Poole town centre, each and every day is different and there is never a dull moment! I love feeling a part of the community you see each and every walk of life in a day at Poole, you see people at their highest point and also in their lowest, and the support you can give really does make a difference.

Many people under estimate this job and if you show commitment and effort to the town or patch you have you really will see the benefits, you will gain respect in your community and you become a part of their community. I have made some great connections with local businesses and also the Dolphin centre staff which in turn has led to some fantastic intelligence and brilliant results in helping the town become a safer place.


Meet Jess, a PCSO with Wimborne and Colehill Neighbourhood Policing Team:

Why did you want to become a PCSO with Dorset Police?

After university I decided I wanted a career within the police. I became a special constable in 2014 to get an understanding of the police and the typical day to day incidents that the police attend. During my time as a special I noticed that the thing I liked most about the role was helping and reassuring victims and offering help wherever possible to increase their confidence in themselves and in the police. I then spoke with my local SNT – now NPT – and realised that all the tasks I found the most rewarding from being a special was the typical day to day tasks of a PCSO – helping and supporting your community. I then knew this is exactly what I wanted to be involved with.

What do you enjoy most about being a PCSO with Dorset Police?

I enjoy so many aspects of my job as being a PCSO so it’s difficult to put it down to just one thing. In a typical shift I will support victims by visiting them and offering advice and crime prevention. When I go back to visit them again it’s very rewarding to see they have taken on your advice and for example have increased their security which therefore will decrease their chances of being repeat victims.

I also like having an area that I am responsible for and knowing so many people living on the patch and them knowing me by my first name – making the public feel I am approachable. Another key part of the role I enjoy is building relationships with troubled individuals and changing their opinions of the Police and making them realise that the Police are there to help them. Lastly I find it very rewarding when you have built a victims confidence up not only with things like crime prevention advice but making them realise they aren’t alone and encouraging them to attend events and coffee morning surgeries where they can meet others that may have been through the same thing – it’s rewarding when you bump into them there!


If this sounds like it could be for you, then visit our PCSO recruitment page now for more details on the role including how to apply.