Community Support (PCSO)

We are open for expressions of interest


We are open for expressions of interest ahead of our next campaign due to launch in 2020.  If you would like to register your expression of interest, please email PCSO Recruitment. We will then contact you when this campaign launches next year.

James Vaughan

"Police Community Support Officers are at the frontline of community policing, and form an essential part of Dorset Police. Providing a visible and reassuring presence across Dorset, the role is exciting, challenging, rewarding and offers a chance for you to bring your skills, knowledge and experience to help keep local communities safe."

Chief Constable James Vaughan

Dorset Police wishes to recruit an intake of new Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in 2020 with vacancies in a number of areas across the force.  

PCSOs form an integral part of Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the Force and work closely with local authorities, the business community and Neighbourhood Watch to ensure local issues are tackled effectively.

Patrolling on foot or by bicycle, PCSOs fulfil a number of important roles – from dealing with low-level crime and anti-social behaviour, to forging links with the public and business within their communities.

They are designated with a plethora of powers ranging from the removal of abandoned vehicles to issuing fixed penalty notices. They carry out a range of other duties that do not require the powers of a police officer, such as taking reports of low-level crime and protecting crime scenes.

PCSOs assist in supporting the delivery of Dorset Police’s strategic aims of ensuring that our communities are ‘listened to, understood, informed, protected and safe’.

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and aim to build our workforce to reflect the diversity and complexity of the communities we serve.We particularly encourage applications form the following identified under-represented groups and communities to join our family:

Young People, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, People with Disabilities, Women and LGBTQ+ communities  

If you are thinking of applying and Positive Action is something that would help, please click the icon below.