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Dorset Police is one of the highest performing Police Services in the United Kingdom. If you want to join us there are a number of options open to you.

We (Dorset and Devon & Cornwall Police) have a strong commitment to equality and diversity both within the organisation and in the service we provide, we refer to this as Positive Action. We aim to employ a representative workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Please note: The police forces of Dorset and Devon & Cornwall have established a Strategic Alliance to provide a single service within certain functions across the three counties.

Please use the links for further information about becoming a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), 101 & 999 Call Taker/Radio Operator, Non-Emergency Call Handler, Special Constable or to Transfer.

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If you are considering a career with Dorset Police as a member of Police Staff, please take a moment to look at our current vacancies listed below.

Current Jobs

Please note: The police forces of Devon & Cornwall and Dorset have established a Strategic Alliance to provide a single service within certain functions across the three counties. Some of our current departments will be hosted by Devon & Cornwall Police and others by Dorset Police. As a consequence employment in advertised roles may at some point transfer to Dorset Police following the principles laid down by TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Regulations 2006). In most cases this will not necessitate a change in location. Proposals for which force is to ‘host’ a given function and the arrangements to implement any new structure across a business area are at various stages and applicants for this role will be updated accordingly throughout the recruitment process.

How to apply

Dorset Police does not accept or consider CV’s, to apply for the above roles, please follow this link to our Police Staff Application Pack.

You must be a British citizen, an EC/EEA national, a Commonwealth citizen or a foreign national with no restrictions on your stay in the United Kingdom. You will be required to provide proof at any Assessment Centre that you have no restrictions on your stay in the UKand when assessing an applicant’s eligibility under the nationality rules, the force will carry out a check either against a full passport or national identity card or, where this is not available, a Home Office document confirming the individual has the required nationality and immigration status for the post.

Irrespective of nationality, applicants must have been a resident in the UK for three years prior to submitting the application form and the calculation of the three year period of time refers to the period immediately before an application is made, and not any other 3 year period, or any other accumulation of time spent in the UK. 

Foreign nationality is not an automatic bar to recruitment or to granting security vetting clearance (which is a necessary part of the recruitment process). However, if individuals cannot be vetted in line with the requirements of the National Vetting Policy, they cannot be granted vetting clearance, as the risk cannot be adequately assessed.

Essentially we will need to be able to carry out equitable security checks on you and your family members but in some cases due to disproportionate costs or difficulties in obtaining the necessary information from various countries of your origin or residency we may not be able to satisfactorily carry out these checks. In such cases the recruitment process cannot continue and it will be necessary for the force to reject your application.  

Force Values

The values of Dorset Police apply to all our dealings with individuals, communities and each other. These are the standards for which we strive and by which we wish to be judged. Find out more about our values by following this link.

Positive Action

The Equality Act 2010 allows for the use of ‘positive action’ in a number of specific circumstances. Positive action can be taken to encourage people from particular groups to take advantage of opportunities for work or training. This can be done when under representation of particular groups has been identified in the previous year. This is clearly the case in the police service both nationally and locally. Dorset Police is committed to ensuring that it has a workforce that is representative of the community it serves. Positive action is not positive discrimination which generally means employing someone because of their particular group/protected characteristic in spite of whether they have the right skills or qualifications. Positive discrimination is unlawful.

If you are considering applying to be a Special and you are from a currently under represented group then please get in touch to find out more about positive action at

Code of Ethics

Chief Constable Debbie Simpson said: “Dorset Police has adopted the national Code of Ethics. It is something all officers and staff are expected to sign up to and adhere to in their everyday work.

“The Code of Ethics is about self-awareness, ensuring that everyone in policing is empowered to always do the right thing and feel confident to challenge colleagues irrespective of their rank, role or position.

“It is important that the Force Values still exist and they are at the heart of the implementation of the code."

To learn more about the Code of Ethics, visit the College of Police's website by clicking here.

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