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Active Incidents

Incidents and Hazards

London / United Kingdom / All travel networks - None

Restrictions and the government travel instruction is to 'stay at home' and not make any unnecessary journey by road or public transport unless for food, health reasons or essential work on All travel networks around the United Kingdom.

People should not gather in groups and remain at their primary residence, not travelling to holiday or second homes. Source : Website.


Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Weymouth / Cove Row - None

Cove Row closed due to roadworks between Nothe Parade and Cove Street.

Until 22:59 on 10th April 2020. Source : Council.


Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Hurn / Parley Lane - None

Temporary traffic lights and long-term roadworks on Parley Lane between Hurn Court Lane and Avon Causeway (Hurn Bridge Roundabout).

Until 30th June 2020. Source : Council.


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