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Active Incidents

Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Wareham / Bere Road and Sugar Hill - Both ways

Bere Road and Sugar Hill both ways closed due to a forest fire between Wareham railway station (Wareham) and the A35 (Bere Regis).

The fire was declared a major incident on Monday 18th of May, with over 150 firefighters on the scene at its peak. The road has remained closed since. Source : Area Traffic Control, Fire Control, Caller Harold, Police.


Incidents and Hazards

London / United Kingdom / Transport networks - None

Restrictions and there are limited reasons for not 'staying at home' due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Government website shows permitted reasons for going outside on Transport networks around the United Kingdom.

People should continue to practice social distancing by staying two metres away from others wherever possible.


Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Hurn / Parley Lane - None

Temporary traffic lights and long-term roadworks on Parley Lane between Hurn Court Lane and Avon Causeway (Hurn Bridge Roundabout).

Until 30th June. Source : Council.


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