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Active Incidents

Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Canford Bottom / A31 - Westbound

A31 Westbound closed, queueing traffic due to broken down horse box between B3073 (Canford Bottom Roundabout, Canford Bottom) and A349 (Merley Roundabout, Wimborne Minster). Congestion to the Ferdown turn-off heading westbound. There are also delays heading through Ferndown and Bear Cross where traffic looks to divert around the closure.

The road is now closed while the vehicle awaits recovery and horses can be transferred to another trailer. Source : Council, Highways, INRIX Speed Sensors.


Cleared Incidents

Incidents and Hazards

Dorset / Yeovil / A30 Sherborne Road - Both ways

A30 Sherborne Road both ways re-opened, accident cleared from Compton Road to Flushing Meadow.

Source : Police.


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