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Volunteers Week Profile: Stevie Adamson – Special Sergeant

Special Sergeant Stevie Adamson has been in the Dorset Police Special Constabulary since 2013 and she also works for Dorset Police as an Intelligence Researcher. She recently became a Special Sergeant this year after two years as a Special Constable.


Stevie tells us why she decided to become a special;

“I never wanted to be a full time Police Officer but as I work for the Police I wanted to see what ‘the other side’ was like to help me in my day job. I originally worked in the police radio control room and I didn’t fully understand how hard a police officer’s job is. I became a special as I wanted to get an insight into what they have to deal with.

"Now I work in the Risk Management Unit where I deal with ‘real time’ incidents, researching threat, risk and harm and dealing with intelligence. My experiences as a Special definitely give me deeper knowledge to assit me in this type of work.”


A Special since 2013, Stevie describes what her shifts are like;

"Every shift starts by getting kitted up in your stab vest, Tac-vest and radio, attending team briefings with the rest of my response squad. The briefing informs everyone coming on duty what has happened in previous shifts, anyone who is outstanding wanted, missing, any intelligence on disqualified drivers, drugs. Then we can look at crime hot spots and begin our patrols.

"As corny as it sounds, I love every shift I do and every shift is different! There have been plenty of adrenalin-filled moments from running down the high-street because there is a report of an attack, to assisting the ambulance service in their emergency duties.”


With a full-time job and various other hobbies, Stevie explains how she fits it all into her spare time;

“The initial training to become a Special was hard work! It was most weekends for a few months and juggling those with my work shifts was difficult, but I am so glad I stuck at it and completed my training. The lessons were very informative, sometimes confusing (but that’s the law for you!) but the trainers were always on hand to clarify things for us.

"I now work as a Special for around 30hrs a month but I also manage to volunteer with the Purbeck Duke of Edinburgh. I do still manage to see my friends and family frequently, as well as having “sofa days”! It is all about being organised, and if you can manage that, you won’t have any problems.”


Stevie explains why she recommends the job of a Special to others;

“I would absolutely recommend the role of a special to others as it is one of the best things I have ever done. I enjoy interacting with members of the public and helping people. It is a great way to develop your life skills, getting to talk to various communities and dealing with people you may not come across in your day to day life.

"It is an eye opener as to what the police services are faced with in these times of austerity and I really do believe it can help people have a bit more understanding of the way the police work to protect and support our communities.

"I am part of a response squad who I work with for most of my shifts and everyone is great. If there is anything I am unsure of, I don’t worry about asking questions and everyone is always willing to help.

"It really is a great way to give back to the community, gain extra skills and have a lot of fun!”


Special Constabulary recruitment is now open! Find out more and apply by following this link


Issued: 4 June 2015

Stevie Adamson