Volunteers Week Profile: John Hannan - Special Sergeant

Special Sergeant John Hannan is an IT Consultant and has been in the Dorset Police Special Constabulary since 2008.

John tells us why he decided to become a special;

“I was approaching 30 and feeling a bit unsatisfied with only my day job and had a desire to do something more practical. I saw a ‘Police – Could You?’ advert and went along to an information evening. I became hooked on the idea of becoming a special and doing something useful with my time that could have an effect or make a real difference to somebody’s life.”

Since becoming a special in 2008, John explains just what he enjoys about the job and what it has been like since he became a Special Sergeant;

"There is such a variety of activities you can get involved in within the role and no two shifts are the same. You could be responding to a road traffic accident, dealing with antisocial behaviour, burglaries or thefts, issuing tickets for a traffic offence, or you might start your shift on an operation but overflow response calls come in and you are directed to other cases. Responding to priority incidents really gets the adrenaline pumping!

I was delighted to be promoted to Special Sergeant in March 2015, which has allowed me to learn a whole new set of skills and apply them to local Dorset policing priorities. Now I also get the opportunity to run proactive operations with teams of specials and use my years of experience to help support and develop specials that are newer to the role.”

John leads a busy life but has always found the time to continue with his Special duties;

“I work full-time as an IT consultant and a lecturer, which is either desk based or standing up at the front of the classroom. Working along-side my day job as a Special uses a completely different set of skills as I am mobile, out and about in the community and have to be more aware of my different surroundings. 

I usually work as a Special Sergeant for around 25-30hrs a month and plan to continue within this role for some time as it is something I really enjoy.”

John couldn’t recommend the role of Special Constable highly enough;

“The experiences you gain from the role are so varied and exciting and I am proud that I am working with the public and giving my positive support back to the community.

I think some people get put off by the application process but it is so worth it in the end. The recruitment team are so helpful if you have any questions at any stage in the process. Once you start the training you become a little family with the rest of your intake, all working together and supporting each other to complete the course. This feeling of team-work continues throughout the job as you are out working as a unit with other Dorset Police officers and staff.”

Special Constabulary recruitment is now open! Find out more and apply by following this link

Issued: 1 June 2015

John Hannan
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