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Volunteers Week Profile: Alan CCTV Volunteer

Since retiring from work, Alan is now one of Dorset Police’s CCTV Volunteers.


Alan tells us why he decided to become a Dorset Police volunteer;

Since retiring from a busy working life I wondered what I could do to with some of my new spare time. I have a very good friend who was a serving Police Officer and he suggested I could be of some help by volunteering for Dorset Police and working in one of their police stations as a CCTV operator.

This work suited me well as I had been a registered S.I.A. operative with CCTV being one of my assignments at The Great Dorset Steam Fair. I had also spent many years conducting security duties for many steam fairs and Rally’s across the South of England.


As well as making valuable use of his spare time, Alan explains why he enjoys volunteering for Dorset Police;

I very much enjoy my voluntary job with Dorset Police and other tasks I perform for the Operational Development Unit. It is rewarding to be conducting work that I believe is required by the Force and I am glad that I am able to make use of the skills I learned in previous jobs. I stand firmly behind the principles of Dorset Police; integrity, professionalism, fairness and respect, and I am keen to encourage others who are interested in volunteering for Dorset Police as they really are worthwhile jobs.


Dorset Police have various different voluntary roles. Follow this link to find out more


Issued: 5 June 2015