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Supporting Hate Crime Victims

Dorset Police works with many partner agencies to assist victims of hate crime and may often refer individuals for varying levels of support; this may be after reporting for aftercare, advocacy to assist in the reporting and investigation process or to highlight that there are groups available that they may wish to contact just to talk through their experiences.

Putting victims first and increasing people’s satisfaction with policing are key priorities for Dorset Police.


Victims’ Bureau

November 2013 saw the launch of Dorset Victims' Bureau whose strategic priorities are to:  

  • Update victims of crime and anti-social behaviour during their journey through the Criminal Justice System (CJS)
  • Support victims through a commissioned support agency
  • Provide alternative pathways to report and subsequently support those victims who do not currently engage with Police

Dorset Victims’ Bureau consists of a dedicated team actively working to keep victims informed about the progress of their crime investigation in accordance with Victims Code of Practice.

Further information is available here


Witness Care Unit

We also have processes in place to support victims and witnesses through the Witness Care Unit.  The Witness Care Unit in Dorset is made up of Police staff who work closely with various other Criminal Justice agencies such as the Courts, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Witness Service. Click here for more information >


Equality Champions

Dorset Police has a number of Equality Champions who are officers and staff who have specialist knowledge and expertise in relation to specific protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

The role of Equality Champions is to provide advice, support and guidance to officers in relation to hate crimes and incidents.  Equality Champions also play a quality assurance role in relation to the recognition, recording and investigation of hate crimes and incidents.

In addition, Equality Champions work to highlight and recognise good practice and successful outcomes as well being able to identify any areas for improvement and development needs for the Force.

For more information on Dorset Police Equality Champions click here


Hate Crime Toolkit

Dorset Police has launched a hate crime toolkit for officers and staff to help them when dealing with hate crimes and incidents.  It has been developed to provide a one-stop portal of information, guidance and support for those officers and staff.

This toolkit is a live site so any changes to legislation, good practice, areas of learning are updated to ensure that officers and staff are able to access the latest guidance, information and support.

The aim of this toolkit is to help officers and staff provide the best and most appropriate service to victims and was developed following feedback from victims as to how the service we provide can be improved.

Follow hate crime awareness week via the Dorset Police web site dorset.police.uk and social media via Twitter @EqualityTeam and @dorsetpolice #HCAW15.


Issued: 13 October 2015