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Shopwatch helps reunite wedding album with owner

Bournemouth residents and Safer Neighbourhood Teams worked together to reunite family photo albums with their owner after they were donated to a local store in error.

A Bournemouth couple, who had accidently handed their wedding and baby photos to the Sue Ryder Charity shop in Winton, were gratefully reunited with them thanks to good community engagement.

The charity store, which is a part of the Winton Shopwatch scheme, had been given a fan heater box full of old photographs. They passed this on to Winton police community support officers during a patrol visit last week.

The box had been handed in by Christine Caferler, who had no idea her images were inside: “I wanted to donate a heater and handed the box over without thinking that there was something else inside.”

PCSO's Adam Cleaver and Roslyn Curtis realised that the pictures had been given in error and posted one of the wedding images onto the Winton Safer Neighbourhood Team Facebook page. The photo spread quickly, with over 100 shares, as Dorset people tried to determine the rightful owners. Eventually someone recognised the couple in the picture and they were able to get all of their albums back. 

Christine continued: “I certainly would've been devastated to have lost them! I am very grateful to the staff at the charity shop and to the Winton officers for their efforts."

Police Constable Gareth Bridger, of North Bournemouth’s SNT, said: “This is a great illustration of the initiative and community spirit shown between the stores on the Shopwatch scheme and the SNT's.

“It also shows how social media can be used in a positive way.”

Winton Shopwatch is a communication link between 23 stores in and around Winton High Street. Collectively they aim to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. The stores are linked via radio to each other and the Winton SNT so that low level issues can be dealt with without the need of calling 101. It is also a more direct link should assistance be urgently required. 

For more information about Winton Shopwatch, contact PC Gareth Bridger on 101.

Issued: 17 March 2015

wedding photo album found by shopwatch