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Rural Crimestoppers launch in Dorset

Dorset Police are working with Crimestoppers to raise awareness of rural crime and reduce the impact it can have on Dorset residents.

Crimestoppers have always welcomed any form of anonymous information and are keen to promote that rural crime should not be forgotten about.

As such East Dorset District Council (EDDC), along with Dorset Police and Crimestoppers, has provided funding to have the Crimestoppers Rural Crime campaign signs printed.

The signs have been distributed throughout East Dorset to raise awareness of rural crime, and are soon to be seen throughout the county.

Dorset’s High Sheriff, Jane Stichbury is welcoming the partnership work saying: “I am pleased to see that local partners are continuing to focus on rural crime as a priority in Dorset.

“Giving local residents the ability to turn to any one of the partner agencies for advice will help to strengthen the awareness of rural crime in the county.”

East Dorset Neighbourhood Inspector, Wayne Nock said: “Rural crime can have far reaching effects that are often underestimated.

“Dorset has a wide rural area and the partnership with Crimestoppers can help us to achieve our overall Rural Crime Strategy.

“Crimestoppers are contacted by approximately 1,000 people every day. The information they receive can aid us in keeping rural crime figures down and awareness up.”

Issued: 19 February 2015

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