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Retail crime initiative launches in Bournemouth town centre

A new retail crime initiative is being introduced in Bournemouth town centre in a bid to reduce theft and crime in shops in the town.

Dorset Police and the Bournemouth Businesses Reducing Crime (BBRC) team have worked together to devise and film a retail crime training DVD which will be made available to shops in the town centre.

The DVD is accompanied by a testing and training programme to enable town centre shops to provide up to date, police-approved staff training on how to spot, prevent and deal with incidents of retail crime.

It comes after a retail crime book was produced by BBRC, which was created to provide informative crime prevention advice to staff working in shops

Thanks to funding from BBRC, a pack containing the DVD and the retail crime book will be provided to all Shop Watch members in the town centre.

Staff taking part in the training will be tested afterwards and awarded a certificate by BBRC and Dorset Police once complete.

Police Community Support Officer, Dom Smith, who helped to devise and co-ordinate the initiative, said: “We have worked closely with shop managers in the town centre to create a realistic and practical training programme and decided to use a DVD approach in support of the BBRC crime book to ensure the training would be interesting for staff.

“The eight minute DVD, along with supporting information for staff, provides a whole range of crime prevention advice and tips, as well as legislative information about how to deal with shoplifters.

“Hopefully this new retail crime initiative will have a positive effect and help to reduce retail crime in Bournemouth town centre. We will continue to work closely with retailers and town centre management to make Bournemouth an even safer place and to make it clear that shoplifting and retail crime will not be tolerated.”

Retail crime initiative launches in Bournemouth town centre