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Report My Loss goes live across Dorset

Dorset Police have reviewed the way in which lost property is reported. A new service, starting 6 April 2015 will be implemented to make reporting lost property quicker and more efficient. 

Report My Loss (http://www.reportmyloss.com/) is a website which allows the public to report lost property quickly and easily without the need to telephone or visit a local police station.

The information provided in any loss report is viewable by police forces nationally.

Members of the public reporting lost property will be asked to complete an online form. A lost property reference number will then be issued for use when making an insurance claim.

The Report My Loss system was originally developed in 2008. Avon and Somerset were the first force to adopt it and have since improved their service to the public while improving the repatriation of lost property.

Head of Contact Management, Superintendent Caroline Naughton said: “Currently Dorset Police receive around 43 calls per day in relation to lost property, which takes up valuable time that Force Command Centre staff could be using to respond to other 101 and 999 calls.

“The implementation of Report My Loss will reduce the number of lost property calls into the Force Command Centre and improve call waiting times for the 101 service.

“The cost to report lost property to Report My Loss is £3.95. In Dorset the use of this service is subsidised by the Force making any reports of property lost in Dorset free.”

The benefits of using the Report My Loss system are:

  • More efficient reporting
  • Improved accuracy
  • Reports are searchable nationwide rather than being isolated to station or force-specific systems
  • Call operators are able to answer more 101 calls
  • Recovered property is more easily identifiable and returned to people. 
  • Loss report numbers are independently verifiable by insurers enabling more efficient claims processes
  • Serial-numbered items reported lost are prevented from sale at responsible traders nationwide

Chief Operating Officer of Recipero Ltd Les Gray, who operates the Report My Loss site, said: “The process consistently delivers measurable savings, while improving services and recovery rates for members of the public that have lost items of property.”

You can log in at any time to Report My Loss to record or update lost property reports. If the item is recovered, the appropriate authorities will contact you.

Issued: 2 April 2015

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