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Public warned not to fall victim to credit card scams

Police are encouraging the public to be on their guard against credit card scams, after two recent offences targeted older members of the community in Bournemouth.

The two offences, which both took place over the past month, start with the victims receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to be from their bank.

In both cases, the caller stated that the victim’s debit or credit card was about to expire and that a new one would be sent to them via a courier.

The caller then asked for the victim’s pin number. Both of the victims gave their pin numbers to the caller.

The next day, someone claiming to be the courier attended the victim’s home address and exchanged the old card for a new one.

The victims have then had money taken out of their accounts.

Debbie Oldfield, Dorset Police Crime Prevention Advisor, said: “These are callous crimes which appear to have deliberately targeted older members of the community.

“It is so important that people do not hand over their pin numbers or bank cards to anyone, no matter how genuine they appear to be.

“Your bank will not ask for your pin number or any personal information over the telephone.

“I am particularly keen to encourage family and friends of older or vulnerable members of our community to help them and ensure that they don't fall victim to these sorts of scams.

“If you believe that you may have been a victim of a scam like this, then I’d urge you to call Dorset Police on 101 immediately.”

More fraud prevention advice can be found on the Action Fraud website at http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/