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Prison sentence for driver who perverted the course of justice

A 43-year-old Bournemouth man has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison for perverting the course of justice after claiming he was not the driver of a vehicle that was caught speeding on four separate occasions.

As well as receiving a custodial sentence, the driver also had to pay £1,200 costs and is disqualified from driving until 30 December 2011.

The businessman was convicted at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday 30 September 2011.

After the conviction, Chief Inspector Bob Nichols said: “The outcome of this case underlines the serious consequences of seeking to avoid responsibility for road traffic offences.

“Offences that would have been dealt with by way of a small fine and points, or the opportunity to undertake a half-day Driver Awareness Course, have resulted in an eight week prison sentence, substantial costs and disqualification for a businessman of previously good character.

“Dorset Police will continue to take attempts to pervert the course of justice seriously and we are supported in this by the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts."