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Primary school pupils speak out for road safety

Schoolchildren in Blandford teamed up with Dorset traffic officers to carry out roadside speed checks and reinforce the importance of safe driving.

On Wednesday 11 March 2015, pupils from Milldown CEVC Primary School joined officers from Dorset Police’s Traffic Unit and the Blandford Safer Neighbourhood Team to stop and advise speeding motorists.

The children were shown a variety of police vehicles and were given road safety advice before taking part.

The 21 pupils, aged between 10 and 12 and three six formers, took turns carrying out tasks. One group stood by the roadside and used a laser speed gun to detect speeding motorists while another group stopped vehicles, explained the day of action and issued words of advice.

The majority of the motorists who were stopped during the day were positive about the initiative, with one local woman saying she felt “humbled” by being told off by the children for breaking the 20 mph limit.

Police Constable Robert Hammond, of Blandford SNT, attended the event and said: “It’s important to use initiatives that have the highest impact when it comes to road safety.

“We thought that having the school children involved would be a beneficial way to get the public to take road safety advice more seriously and we were pleased with the outcome.”

This Speed Watch event coincided with a week of heightened road safety activity in Dorset, including the international Seatbelt campaign, which aims to reduce the number of children killed or seriously injured on the roads.

Community Speed Watch (CSW) gives local communities the opportunity to get actively involved in road safety.

Speed Watch operates in villages, towns or urban areas across Dorset to discourage drivers and motorcyclists from speeding.

Dorset Police Safer Neighbourhood Team liaison officers assist groups in setting up by providing practical advice and support.

The groups are run by volunteers keen to stop speeding vehicles in their communities. Volunteers use hand-held devices to record and monitor details of motorists seen speeding and can also note drivers using a mobile phone or not wearing seatbelts. The police then send warning letters to these motorists.

If you would like to participate in Community Speed Watch, please contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team > to find out if a scheme already exists or to initiate the set-up of a new scheme. For more information and Safer Neighbourhood Team contact details or call 101.

Issued: 13 March 2015

Primary school pupils speak out for road safety