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Poole police and Asda join forces to put brakes on anti-social driving

The Poole Town & Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team has successfully resolved an issue raised by members of the community, after a local supermarket installed bollards and metal shutters at a car park where anti-social driving was taking place.

At a safer neighbourhood public meeting back in July 2009, residents told the team that there was regular noise disturbance coming from drivers who were gathering in the car park at ASDA, Holes Bay, during the lighter evenings of the summer months.

There were reports of loud music being played in the cars, of engines revving and of drivers performing wheel-spins in the car park.

Although the problem reduced in the winter, the Safer Neighbourhood Team still took action and approached ASDA to discuss the issue, in anticipation of the problem reoccurring during the lighter and warmer spring and summer months of 2010.

In January 2010 the bollards were installed at the car park. Sergeant Billy Bulloch from Poole Town & Oakdale SNT said: “This is an example of how the police can work with our partners to resolve the issues that matter to local people.

“The installation of the bollards will help to end anti-social driving at this particular car park and we, the police, have also dealt with the issue in a number of other ways – we have issued a number of Section 59 warnings and, on one occasion, seized a vehicle from someone who was driving anti-socially.”

Jason Hughes, General Manager, ASDA, Holes Bay said: “As a responsible retailer in the community, we have listened to the concerns of local residents and, after working closely with Dorset Police, have taken action to address those concerns.”

ASDA security will use the bollards and metal shutters to close the multi-storey car park, where the anti-social driving was taking place, from 11pm to 8am, starting this evening, Friday 5 February 2010.

Shoppers will still be able to use the main car park as normal.

A Section 59 warning can be issued by police officers and police community support officers to a person driving a vehicle on or off road in a manner that causes nuisance or inconvenience to other road users or members of the public. The warning lasts for 12 months and if the driver is caught driving in a similar manner during the 12-month period, their car can be seized and a penalty charge will have to be paid for the car to be returned.

To find out more about Safer Neighbourhood’s call Dorset Police on 01202 222222 or 01305 222222, or visit our Local Policing pages on this website

Asda bollards