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Police warning about handling stolen goods

Detectives from Dorset Police are warning swift action will be taken against anyone involved in handling stolen goods.

The Force’s Priority Crime Team is targeting unscrupulous individuals and second-hand shop owners who knowingly buy stolen items from burglars.

On Monday 30 June 2014, second-hand dealer Haithem Kshir, 21, of Bournemouth, appeared at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced to a community punishment order after pleading guilty at a previous hearing to one charge of handling stolen goods.

Kshir was ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work over the next 12 months and pay a £60 victim surcharge.

The court heard officers searched Kshir’s business premises City Time in Charminster Road, Bournemouth, and his home on the morning of Friday 2 May 2014.

Numerous electrical items were seized from City Time, which is run as an internet café, computer repair and second-hand shop.

One item – a Mac Book Pro laptop valued at £1,300 – was identified as having been stolen during a dwelling house burglary in April 2014.

During interview, Kshir said he’d bought the laptop for £90 or £100 knowing its second-hand value was between £600 and £700. He told police he suspected the item had been stolen.

Acting Detective Sergeant Andy Haworth, of Dorset Police’s Priority Crime Team, said: “We have a good working relationship with all reputable second-hand shops in the Bournemouth area.

“But we are aware that much of the stolen property taken during a burglary finds its way into the hands of some of our less scrupulous second-hand shop owners.

“As a result we have been actively targeting these premises. In the last 12 months, the team has arrested two shop traders for possession of stolen property and issued cautions for offences of handling stolen goods.

“Dorset Police will proactively pursue any individual believed to be engaged in the handling of stolen goods.”

Members of the public are being urged to carry out some simple crime prevention steps to track and mark their property.

Acting Detective Sergeant Andy Haworth continued: “I would like to remind everyone to take a note of the serial numbers of key items in their home such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, and photograph sentimental and expensive jewellery.

“You can also download tracking apps for mobile phones and tablets to assist in the recovery of these items if they are stolen.”

Anyone with information about businesses or individuals involved in burglary or other criminality should call Dorset Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Dorset Police’s Priority Crime Team investigates dwelling house burglaries – a Force priority under the ongoing Operation Advance.

Operation Advance was launched in response to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s police and crime plan. Its aim is to increase positive outcomes for victims of crime to one in three by 2017.

A positive outcome includes a charge, caution, fixed penalty notice, warning, community resolution and restorative justice.

Issued: 2 July 2014

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