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Police warn motorists - Don't leave items on display

Motorists are being warned to remove all valuables from their vehicles to prevent them from becoming a victim of car crime.

In Dorset, thefts from vehicles tend to increase during the spring and summer months as a result of the increase in visitors to the county and the change in weather.

Evenings are becoming lighter and people are taking advantage of this by visiting beauty spots all over Dorset.

Dorset Police uses a range of tactics to target car thieves throughout the year as part of the Force’s ongoing Operation Wave.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Powley, of Dorset Police, said: “Unfortunately, people are still taking risks when leaving their vehicles unattended.

“Many vehicles are seen with valuables on display or windows left open. This is an open invitation for thieves. If a thief sees, or even thinks there is something of value in your car, they will try their luck.

“The best advice is not to leave anything in your car. Leave it at home, or take it with you.

“Dorset Police remains committed to reducing these crimes, detecting offenders and bringing them to justice and we are asking members of the public to help us.

“I would like to remind visitors to follow these simple steps to help keep their vehicles safe while enjoying our beautiful county.”

  • Valuable items and shopping should not be left in cars, either in view or hidden away
  • Windows and doors should always be securely locked when vehicles are left
  • Sat navs should not be left in cars and their holders and cables should not be left on display
  • Ensure that sat nav holder marks are not left visible on the windscreen
  • If a vehicle has an alarm, always use it – even if the vehicle is only going to be left for a short period of time

Further information about protecting your vehicle, as well as a wide range of other crime prevention advice, is available on the Crime Prevention Portal on the Dorset Police website - http://crimeprevention.dorset.police.uk/.

Issued: 2 May 2014